The Chess Monthly, 1857

New York, N.Y. U.S.A.

Problem Tourney, 1857

Section A:set of #3 + #4 + #5 (3 pr.)
Section B:set of s# + conditional # (1 pr.)
J: Examination committee: F. Perrin, W. W. Montgomery, T. Lichtenhein, W. J. A. Fuller, B.  I. Raphael.
Umpire: E. B. Cook.
T: 1857-07-04
Section A:1 pr. S. Loyd (“Let him laugh who wins”)
2 pr. ‘W. King’* (“A la mémoire de Szen”)
3 pr. -- (not awarded)
Section B:-- (not awarded)
The Chess Monthly, vol. I (1857):
June, p. 189-90: Announcement
July, p. 253: 10 sets received in section A, 6 sets in section B. E. B. Cook named as Umpire.
September, p. 317: Report from Umpire.
November, p. 344-345: Problems XLV-XLVII: Section A, First prize set.
November, p. 345-346: Problems XLVIII-L: Section A, Second prize set
November, p. 345-346: Problems LI-LII from set 3 (“Stratagems and Toils”), and set 4 (“Where there's a will, there's a way”)
December, p. 375: Problem LV: from set 3 (“Stratagems and Toils”)
The Chess Monthly, vol. II (1858):
January, p. 27: Problem LIX from set “Dreams of Germany
December, p. 386: Correction to diagram LIX
The Clipper:
1858-01-30: T. M. Brown complains that his set “Fortune knocks once at every man’s door”, submitted for section B, was not mentioned. (Set reprinted)
1858-02-13: Cook responds that problems published did not fully correspond with what had been received, which was faulty.
N: Ten sets were received in section a, and six sets in sections b. All entries in section b were found to be faulty, and only two sets in section a survived testing.

* Two of the problems of the second prize winner ‘W. King’, and some of the problems from the sets “Stratagems and Toils” and “Dreams of Germany” were later published in American Chess-Nuts (1868) under S. Loyd's name.

* The #4-problem of the 1 pr. set is faulty: it permits of two key moves. No author's solution or correction has been found. A correction of this problem is published as 435, White: Sam Loyd and His Chess Problems (repr. New York : 1962), p. 306.

Section A, 1. Prize: S. Loyd


Key: 1. Sg4+

Source: 45, Chess Monthly, vol. I, p. 344 (Nov., 1857)

4# [*]

Key: ?*

Source: 46, Chess Monthly, vol. I, p. 344 (Nov., 1857)


Key: 1. Qh6+

Source: 47, Chess Monthly, vol. I, p. 345 (Nov., 1857)
Section A, 2. Prize: ‘W. King’


Key: 1. Bc7

Source: 48, Chess Monthly, vol. I, p. 345 (Nov., 1857)


Key: 1. Qa5+

Source: 49, Chess Monthly, vol. I, p. 346 (Nov., 1857)


Key: 1. Qf3+

Source: 50, Chess Monthly, vol. I, p. 346 (Nov., 1857)

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