The Albion, 1855

Problem Tourney, 1855

R: At most two #5. (1 pr)
J: ? (‘a committee of three amateurs’ )
T: 1855-02-21
A: pr. D. Julien
The Albion:
1854-12-30: announcement: prize offered by the editor (C. H. Stanley)
1855-01-20: ‘We think competitors should be limited to two entries each.’
1855-02-03: time extended from the 10th to 21th.
1855-02-24: problem by D.J. [D. Julien]
1855-03-03: problem by F. B. [F. Bowley, Winchester, Va.]
1855-03-10: problem by E.B.C. [E. B. Cook]
1855-03-17: problem by M.S.
1855-03-24: problem by E.B.C.
1855-03-31: problem by M.S.
1855-04-07: problem by F. B.
1855-04-21: report that committee has decided on prize
1855-04-28: D. J. is announced to have won the tournament, and identified as Denis Julien.
Keidanz: The Chess Compositions of E. B. Cook of Hoboken (New York, 1927)
p. 227: Information about name behind signature ‘F. B.’
N: The reason for the tournament was to promote ‘among our contributors a little spirit of rivalry in the matter of original Problems’
Prize: D. Julien



Key: 1. Q×dg

Source: 321, The Albion (Feb. 24, 1855)

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