Problem Tourneys: Overview

Each page contains problems tourneys arranged by or conducted through one source. In some cases, the tourneys were not announced, commenced, but not finished.  In other cases, they may have been in early stages of planning, and mentioned in public media, but were never actualized.

For each individual tourney, the following information is usually present:


What did the arrangers asks from participants?

If the tourney is divided into sections, they are documented here.
'Standard requirements' are generally omitted. They are:
  • Problems must be originals and unpublished
  • Only direct mates are allowed, without conditional stipulations
  • ...
Termination date

At what date must the submissions have reached the arrangers?

Who decided the outcome of the tourney, and how?

This is just a list of awards and composers. 

From where has the information been taken?

Any additional information or observations.

Information in the first four section is that relevant at the time of judging.  Earlier changes may be documented the Sources or Notes sections.

Prize-winning problems, as far as they are known, follow. Other awards (such as mentions or commendations) are only documented in the Awards section, and  the Sources section refer to known first publication. 

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