Sunday, May 24, 2020

Corrections and updates: Chess Player's Chronicle, 1854?

Earlier publication dates of most of the problems have been found: several were published in Illustrated London News before they appeared in Chess Player's Chronicle. However, they were not all identified belonging to the tourney.

At present the report in Chess Player's Chronicle is assumed to be correct. As it doesn't seem to correspond with what was published earlier in Illustrated London News, ... and by Staunton, who could be expected to know, ... things have become slightly more confusing.

One additional problem added to Angas's set.  That problem had appeared in CPC but without any indication it belonged to the prize set.  In ILN it was so identified.

Also corrected a mistake in the Angas set: one diagram had been duplicated.

Saturday, May 09, 2020

Chess Player's Chronicle, 1854?

Added a problem tourney page for the Chess Player's Chronicle, 1854 tourney.

This is a bit of a mystery tourney: there's no known announcement or termination date, no known judges and no judges report.  The published prizewinning problems comprise more than the three best problems that are mentioned in the requirements, but there's no indication of just which of the respective set problems actually were the best three.

It is very probably the fallout of the 1852 tourney which was announced be terminated in the same issue as the results from this tourney were announced.