Monday, April 27, 2020


Here are some on-line sources I have used recently:

Nick Pope provides links to many major on-line chess sources in the Library section of his web site Chess Archaeology. ( Scans from several chess columns (mainly US, but UK and other countries are represented) are in the Excavations section, and part of the Jack O'Keefe project (

Cleveland  Public Library have scanned Miron Hazeltine's scrapbooks, with cuttings of early US chess columns. While somewhat difficult to use for reference, you can find some material that would otherwise require physical access to locate. They're considered to be Chess Manuscripts, and can be found at together with other manuscripts in the White collection.

The British Newspaper Archive ( is commercial, but provides reasonable access for anyone who don't happen to be near British Library.

The Austrian National Library provides scans from many Austrian newspapers at .

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